Volunteers needed for the Single Family Standards Technical Committee

We're currently seeking applications from individuals interested in serving on the BPI Single Family Standards Technical Committee. BPI's Standards Technical Committees (STC) develop standards in an open and fair manner in accordance with American National Standards Institute (ANSI) approved BPI standards development procedures. 

Standards Technical Committees are appointed to review and act on proposals and comments from the general public, with updates to the standards made on a regular basis. The Single Family STC is currently addressing the update of ANSI/BPI-1100- 2014.

Each member of the STC is identified by the interest category they represent: Industry, User, or General Interest.  The STC is currently underrepresented in the Industry category which is defined as follows: Industry - A member who is involved with researching, designing, producing, distributing, or selling materials or products related to the body of standards. BPI is seeking applications from stakeholders from the Industry interest category willing to invest the time and energy to develop and maintain the technical standards our industry needs.

BPI seeks to ensure a balance of interest categories and representation by technical expertise, geographic location, experience in the building sciences and willingness to serve. New members will be appointed to a term of up to three years.

If you would like to join BPI’s Single Family Standards Technical Committee and help craft the standards used by the residential energy retrofit community, please fill out the Application for Membership on BPI's Standard Technical Committee form and submit it electronically by November 4, 2021 in accordance with the instructions on the form.

For more information about how the STC and how BPI Standards are developed, visit http://www.bpi.org/standards. Visit Standards Technical Committee for details about the STC.