Steps to Become a BPI Test Center
  1. Review the BPI Test Center Policies and Procedures .
  2. Fill out an application  with the supporting documents.
  3. Comply with all insurance requirements listed in the application.
  4. Provide a completed disclosure form as outlined in the Test Center Policies and Procedures.
  5. Complete a Database Form as outlined in the Test Center Policies and Procedures.
  6. Sign and submit the application to
  7. Pay the Test Center fee.
  8. Approval: Once your application is approved, BPI will send you a personalized agreement for review and signatures.

Note: Only organizations that have legal agreements with BPI can provide certification exams (i.e. a BPI Test Center). A BPI Test Center can also be a CEU Provider at no cost.

Steps to Become a BPI Proctor

A BPI Proctor is an individual approved by BPI and authorized to administer BPI certification exams.

  1. Review the BPI Proctor Policies and Procedures for the certifications you wish to proctor (Air Leakage Control Installer , Core , or Home Energy Professional (HEP)  certifications).
  2. Agree to conduct BPI certification exams according to BPI requirements.
  3. Complete the BPI Proctor Application and Code of Ethics .
  4. Submit the following additional information to BPI:

    • Proctor: Trainer Agreement (Appendix section of Proctor Policies and Procedures)
    • Completed Acknowledgement Page (Appendix section of Proctor Policies and Procedures)
    • Brief biography or resume
    • Notice of Association from the Test Center for which you will be providing services
    • JPEG photograph for your Proctor ID badge
  5. Pay the Proctor fee.
  6. Complete the appropriate Proctor orientations.
  7. Approval: Once your Proctor status is approved, the BPI Test Center Department will confirm by email within 7-10 business days.