BPI News


  • BPI's Fall 2019 edition of its newsletter includes information on the new Healthy Housing Principles (HHP), info on what a customer might ask their BPI Certified Professional about solar energy, a "Fall Tips" marketing piece to use, Stump the Chump, industry news, and more!
  • BPI's June 2019 edition of its newsletter includes tips and information on keeping your business and yourself safe from hackers, an electrical engineer explains how your connected technology connects, BPI and industry news and more.
  • BPI's March 2019 edition of its newsletter includes: A Spero update; information on receiving a free subscription to Healthy Indoors Magazine; a link to an article on a pilot program that improves the quality of life for asthma and COPD patients; the Blue Collar to Green Collar Jobs Act; links to national energy efficiency jobs; the resolution to the last Stump the Chump; and more.