Total Building Performance Certificate

Would you like to assist in the planning and design for a deep energy retrofit project, coordinating the process to meet the customer’s needs and budget? The Total Building Performance (TBP) certificate of knowledge will determine if you are prepared for success.


The TBP is Currently in Pilot Stage

During a pilot period, exams are delivered to many candidates for a predetermined period of time, and results are studied to determine the passing score on the exam. Pilot takers do not receive their scores immediately.


The TBP pilot exam is free to the first 500 candidates*.
BPI will review the pilot examination results as a whole to determine the passing standard, and then the pilot test-takers will be sent their final scores. The review of the pilot results will be used to set parameters for future exam takers.

Optional demographic questions are included in registration for the exam. Data is kept private and only used in aggregate to help BPI serve you better. Supplying demographic information will not affect your exam score.


Why Should You Get the TBP?

Deep energy retrofits achieve household energy reductions of at least 50% by addressing all major energy loads: space conditioning; hot water; lighting; solar energy installation, appliances and plug loads. They may also address on-site power generation and electrical/thermal storage and prepare the electrical system to support electric vehicles.

But deep energy retrofits are often too complicated for customers to plan and design on their own. As a TBP certificate holder, you will be able to plan and design deep energy retrofit projects as a single, smartly phased, comprehensive project that will please customers.


What Does TBP Cover?

The TBP certificate includes eight areas of knowledge. An individual who has successfully challenged the exam can:
• Demonstrate Proficiency in Designing a Building Decarbonization Project
• Understand Project Financial Analysis for a Building Decarbonization Project
• Demonstrate Proficiency in Communication to Clients
• Understand Energy Modeling, Load Calculations and Measure Analysis of a Building Decarbonization Project
• Understand Building Science and Whole-Building Concepts
• Understand Project Carbon Impacts
• Identify Electrification/Decarbonization Technologies
• Understand the Post Retrofit Process

Who is the TBP for?

Anyone who is currently part of, or would like to join, the energy efficiency and renewable energy workforce can participate in obtaining the TBP Certificate of Knowledge. Candidates can learn at their own pace, based on their own professional goals. HVAC professionals are also encouraged to prepare for and challenge the exam.

How to get the Total Building Performance Certificate

1. Read the Certificate Scheme Handbook  to learn more about the skills and knowledge covered.

2. Access the study modules, hosted on the site of our partner Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships, and learn at your convenience. Access the application at the BPI Certificate Portal.

4. Submit your application to challenge the exam.

6. Take your exam. 

7. Wait for your score. As noted above, your score will not be available immediately.  Passing scores will not be determined until after the pilot process is complete.  At that time, you will be notified of your score.

Certification Scheme Handbook

Please read the Certificate Scheme Handbook thoroughly prior to applying. It contains full information on process, skills and knowledge covered.

Get CEUs

Active BPI Certified Professionals can earn ten (10) BPI CEU credits by obtaining the Total Building Performance Certificate and uploading it to BPI's CEU Account. 


*The exam is free on the first attempt. If you need to retake the exam to obtain a passing grade, there will be a fee for the second and following attempts. The amount has not yet been decided. This page will be updated when the amount is available.