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Please join us for the Indoor Environmental & Building Performance Industry's Conference which you can attend in person, or virtually from a remote location with internet connectivity.

The Maine Indoor Air Quality Council (MIAQC) has again partnered with Healthy Indoors Magazine/ IAQnet LLC., to bring their annual regional conference to a global audience. The IAQ & ENERGY 2019  Conference will take place live in Portland, ME on October 31st and November 1st, and offers you the option to attend in person or remotely.The IAQ & ENERGY 2019 is the industry's ONLY live in person/online event.

The Building Performance Institute (BPI) is an Industry Partner in this knowledge-packed event and we'd like to offer our BPI stakeholders a discount on attendance in person or online. Click here to register and receive a 20% discount off the Online Conference Registration and a 15% discount off the In-person Conference Registration. Attending either way earns BPI Certified Professionals Continuing Education Units (CEUs.) 

The IAQ & ENERGY 2019 conference has an exciting lineup of 38 presentations from leading industry experts who are a veritable, "who's who," in the home performance world.

Meet the Experts

Nikki Krueger is the Building Science & Business Development Manager for residential & commercial dehumidifiers company, Therma-Stor, and the Industry manager for Therma-Stor’s residential and heat reclaim/refrigeration products lines, including Ultra-Aire whole house ventilating dehumidifiers, Santa Fe freestanding dehumidifiers and Therma-Stor heat reclaim tanks and chillers. Nikki has been involved in the indoor air quality industry for over 15 years and has worked with several organizations including: ACCA, the NAHB Research Center for Green Approved Products, Florida Green Building Coalition, Green Build, Earth Advantage, La House Home Research Center, and EarthCraft. She is a RESNET certified home energy rater and has completed the comprehensive training for the green home verifier accreditation administered by the NAHB Research Center and the professional development training course on ASHRAE 62.2 Standard. Nikki is an active member of the Spray Polyurethane Foam Association, currently serving on the certification committee, and past vice-chair of the building envelope committee. She is also a board member for the Georgia Building Performance Association.

Paul Raymer, the Chief Investigator of Heyoka Solutions, a HERS Rater, a BPI Certified Professional with active Building Analyst, Envelope, AC/Heat Pump, Heating and Healthy Home Evaluator certifications, a BPI Proctor & Proctor-Mentor, an IREC Certified Master Trainer, a member of ASHRAE 62.2 SSPC, and author of the Residential Ventilation Handbook, the Residential QCI Handbook, and Recalculating Truth (a novel).

Jeff May has spent his career helping people identify what's causing their chronic health problems. In My House Is Killing Me! (one of the four books he has written or cowritten) he draws on the dramatic personal stories of his clients' suffering and relief to help readers understand the links between environmental factors and problems like allergies and asthma. Explaining how air conditioning, finished basements, and other home features affect air quality, he offers a step-by-step approach to identifying, controlling, and often eliminating the sources of indoor pollutants and allergens. If we could see this contamination, Jeff observes, the air would look as murky as stagnant water, and we would know not to breathe it. Jeff is a Certified Indoor Air Quality Professional, a Council-Certified Microbial Consultant, licensed as a mold assessor/inspector in the states of FL and NH, and holds a Certificate in Food Science Technology, MIT.
Reading, My House Is Killing Me! allows you to see your house the way an expert would. Just as he looks at spaces and systems during an indoor air quality investigation, May focuses first on the areas of daily life (bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen), then looks into attics and basements (including heating and air conditioning), and finally moves outside to the garage and the exterior of a home. Along with offering a wealth of practical advice and proven solutions for various problems, he includes a glossary of terms and a list of valuable resources.

Energy Circle is led by its founder and CEO, Peter Troast. Peter is recognized as one of the country's foremost authorities on marketing for home performance, HVAC and other efficiency related contracting companies. He authors the widely read Energy Circle blog and is a passionate advocate for the power of the whole house home performance business model. He and his team work with over 350 companies in 49 states to grow their business through services like website design and development, search engine optimization, lead generation and strategic content production. He is a popular and high-ranking speaker about marketing for contractors at ACI, RESNET, ACCA, BPI and EGIA conferences and events. In 2015, he received the Tony Woods Award for excellence in advancing the home performance industry.

Karla Butterfield is a Sustainability Director at Steven Winter Associates, Inc. (SWA), working with residential buildings. She has 25 years of experience, with expertise in sustainable consulting services, program certification support, and implementation of high-performance building technologies. With architects, developers, builders, and homeowners, Karla develops specific sustainability strategies for both new construction and renovations. Karla's consulting work includes sustainability for residential buildings; selection of environmentally preferable products; analysis of resource-efficient appliances and building equipment; writing and implementing construction and demolition plans; and emphasizing energy conservation, environmental protection, and occupant health and safety. She participates as an integral partner in the initial strategic planning sessions and stakeholder workshops based on criteria for various certification programs.

Karla is a Home Innovation Research Labs’ NGBS Verifier, PHIUS +Rater and +Verifier, and promoter of Net Zero Energy Homes. She uses energy modeling software to analyze plans and specifications and makes recommendations for sustainability strategies. These may include thermal, air, and vapor barriers, as well as mechanical efficiencies, building materials and indoor air quality. Karla is also a member of the Connecticut Green Building Council, the North American Zero Energy Coalition, and serves the National Green Building Standard as a TA Advisor & 2018 Consensus Committee member.

Fred McKnight is a principle at Turner Building Science & Design Building Science Corporation (BSC). BSC is a building science consulting and full-service architecture firm with clients throughout North America. BSC specializes in building technology consulting for all types of buildings including commercial, institutional and residential. Their focus is preventing and resolving problems related to building design, construction and operation. They are internationally recognized for their expertise in moisture dynamics, indoor air quality, and building failure forensic investigations. They are also on the leading edge of the design of sustainable buildings and communities. They believe in promoting energy efficiency and environmental responsibility within the constraints of marketable and affordable building technology.

In 2009, Corbett Lunsford started teaching pros through his Building Performance Workshop. (He’s hosted over 100 YouTube videos and 60 interviews for the Building Performance Podcast.) Along with his wife, Grace, he then created the first-ever TV series on measured home performance and building science, which airs on public television stations nationwide. Corbett’s goal is “to package building performance so it can easily be understood and used by professionals and consumers alike, for better buildings worldwide. We need to quit kidding ourselves that homeowners are aiming for efficiency or sustainability and start aiming at what all homeowners aim for: living in a better home and getting a better life.” He has performed comprehensive home performance analyses and building investigations, and presented courses in partnership with National Healthy Homes, Air Conditioning Contractors of America, and the RESNET and Affordable Comfort (ACI) Conferences. He also wrote the book, Home Performance Diagnostics: the Guide to Advanced Testing and developed the APT Reports software tool.

Carl Grimes is nationally recognized as a professionally accredited Healthy Home Specialist (HHS) and a Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant (CIEC). Equally important, he personally experienced a series of unhealthy homes. He is all too familiar with the uncertainty, exhaustion, and skepticism inherent with the struggle to finally recognize and accept that his home was perhaps not his safe and secure “castle,” but was instead contributing to his puzzling declining health and sense of well‐being. 

Since 1987, Carl has worked nationally as a private consultant guiding people who suffer from unhealthy houses. He has developed action plans and verification methods designed to eliminate health issues in homes. His clients include mothers, children, property managers, attorneys, health care providers, insurance adjustors, teachers, parents, architects, builders, and remediation contractors. In 1999, he authored the book, Starting Points for a Healthy Habitat, based on his personal experience, as well as the experiences of his clients, living in unhealthy environments. This brought him to the attention of the national Indoor Air Quality Association.  He was elected to their Board of Directors in 2002, and recently served as their President.

Carl is now the Vice President of Practice for the International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate. Carl has served on, created, and chaired a variety of committees writing industry consensus standards. He has collaborated with leading experts and researchers, analyzing the best approaches for restoring the indoor environment. He has chaired a committee that developed the course, Healthy Home Assessment: Principles and Practice, which is the follow‐on to the Essential Healthy Home Practitioner course by the National Center for Healthy Housing ( Carl brings to Hayward Healthy Home a unique combination of personal experience and professional expertise identifying and addressing the most critical issues in converting homes to healthy environments that fit individual needs.

William Turner has over 30 years of experience in the implementation of indoor air quality/HVAC evaluation, engineering HVAC/building science diagnostic program evaluations in school, commercial, health care, laboratory, residential, and industrial settings. His experience includes energy analysis, HVAC performance, occupant complaints, building science / moisture evaluations, air monitoring data collection, quality assurance, technical report preparation, forensics/expert witness, and specific recommendations for corrective action. He continues to provide often acclaimed training to many types of audiences, especially facility managers.

David Johnston, founder and President of What’s Working, Inc., is one of the pioneers of the sustainability movement in the US. For the last 30 years he has been working to transform the building industry to become greener and more sustainable. David worked as a consultant to the USDOE solar program from 1978-81. During that time, he was involved with the early work at the Solar Energy Research Institute and the Regional Solar Energy Centers. He was responsible for the commercialization of passive solar technology and the integration into the residential building industry and the introduction of the technology to many building industry trade associations.

David continued with his passive solar career by founding the award-winning company, Lightworks Construction, Inc. For ten years, Lightworks built passive solar homes and offices across the DC, Virginia and Maryland market. He was named builder of the year by the DC chapter of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry and inducted into the Remodeling Hall of Fame for his innovative work.

In 1992, he sold Lightworks and moved to Boulder, Colorado to apply his experience in passive solar program development to green building. In 1995, his new company, What’s Working, developed the first green building code in the US for the City of Boulder. He was inspired in 1992 after the first green building program in the US in Austin, TX and was given a Sustainable Development award at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro to do the same thing in Boulder.

David established the first private sector green building program in Denver, CO through the local Home Builder’s association. It is now the largest program in the private sector and was the catalyst for the National Association of Home Builders to develop national green building guidelines.

David was part of the development team for the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) that has transformed the market for green commercial buildings in the US. He was also a co-director of the original LEED for homes development process in 2000, another national market transformation program.

Over the last 8 years he has developed green building programs throughout Colorado, for the City of Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area (now statewide), Minneapolis, Boston, Phoenix, Seattle, and Boulder and has consulted with other cities across the country and Canada to create market-based building programs.

Altogether, he has influenced the construction of tens of thousands of green homes built from coast to coast. The unique quality of his work is to use a whole-system approach that brings together all the relevant stakeholders who deliver a home to the consumer. This approach has focused on the human side of sustainability to create market demand for innovative solutions for affordable, environmentally friendly housing across the country.

Kurt Johnson is the Owner/ Residential Mechanical Ventilation Designer and Installer at Fresh Air Ventilation Systems, LLC. He started this business from the idea that residential ventilation is essential and that it seemed like no business was taking it seriously. People didn't understand it, know how to use it or even why it was necessary. So, he decided to be professional about it. Since 2006, he has designed and installed over 500 complete systems. He specializes in both new construction and existing homes and continues to educate professionals and the general public on the dangers of indoor air pollution. Kurt trains contractors and the construction industry how to properly design and install effective systems. Kurt has been on the board of the Maine Indoor Air Quality Council since 2008 and served as President for 2 years.

Sam Rashkin is Chief Architect of the Building Technologies Office in the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.  Sam is also the author of the book, Retooling the U.S. Housing Industry: How It Got Here, Why It’s Broken, and How to Fix Itthat presents a comprehensive strategy for transforming the new homebuyer consumer experience. Sam brings the lessons from this book to housing executives across the country with workshops and collaborative meetings that help them accelerate innovation. Apart from this work, Sam has earned a national reputation for his work leading housing programs that have partnered with thousands of home builders and resulted in over one million certified high-performance homes. Sam was recently recognized for his contributions to sustainable housing with the 2012 Hanley Award.

He received his Bachelor of Architecture from Syracuse University; and is a registered architect in California and New York. During his 20-plus years as a licensed architect, he specialized in energy efficient design and completed over 100 residential projects. He has served on the national Steering Committees for USGBC’s LEED for Homes, NAHB’s Green Builder Guidelines, and EPA’s Water Sense label, and on the development team for EPA’s Indoor airPLUS label. Sam has also prepared hundreds of articles, technical papers, reports, and seminars; and contributed to other books on energy efficient and green construction.

Larry Zarker is CEO of the Building Performance Institute, the professional standards setting and credentialing organization for the home performance contracting industry. BPI now has a broad footprint of over 40,000 certifications in all 50 states and six foreign countries. Larry oversaw BPI's process of gaining accreditation by ANSI as a standards development organization and its accreditation by ANSI under ISO 17024 for its personnel certifications. He was responsible for the national expansion of the network of BPI Test Centers from six in 2006 to over 200 today and oversaw the growth of professional certifications from approximately 150 in 2005 to over 14,000 in 2011 with a total certification population of over 30,000 professionals today.

He was named by ACHR The News as one of the top NEWSmakers of 2013 for his role in initiating collaboration with the HVAC industry.
In mid-2012, he committed to create a testing platform for the professional trades that relate to housing but do not require the diagnostic testing required of BPI professional certifications. These trades include real estate, appraisal, home inspection, lending, government and utility program management, and dealer and big box sales of energy efficiency products. It is also ideal for mature high school and community college students who are looking for "green" or "sustainable" careers.

The Building Science Principles (BSP) Reference Guide and certificate of knowledge was introduced to these audiences in early 2013 and is gaining a strong foothold throughout the industry. Coming October 2019, BPI is releasing The Healthy Housing Principles (HHP) Reference Guide and certificate of knowledge which will explain how the house-as-a-system approach links occupant health and the indoor environment. 

Larry is a featured speaker at numerous national and regional conferences, workshops and forums.

Joe Medosch is a healthy building specialist for Hayward Score. He’s also the proprietor of Energy & Environmental Consulting LLC, and the founder and former executive director of HHEA, the Healthy Home Environment Association.

Joe is a master trainer and technical wizard across much of the home performance field. He has been a building contractor since 1990 and a Comfort Consultant trainer since 2003, providing solutions for healthy and energy-efficient home performance. He provides practical "universal" training and communication skills to professionals. His certifications include: BPI Proctor - Building Analyst & Envelope Professional, Infiltration & Duct Leakage, IDL - Infiltration & Duct Leakage certification, HHE Healthy Home Evaluator Master Trainer; ICC- Commercial & Residential Energy Inspector / Plans Examiner and Residential Building Inspector, Inactive - IAQ Professional, HERS Rater and NABCEP PV Certified.

Joe also holds the distinction of having designed his own personal typeface and font, even hand-grinding the characters of an old Underwood manual typewriter.

Bob Krell is the founder and publisher of Healthy Indoors Magazine, which debuted in 2013, and the online information site The publication is a free, digital and print magazine for healthier, sustainable indoor environments that's aimed at both consumers and industry professionals. serves as the portal for the online magazine and offers a host of additional free information.

He is the CEO of IAQnet, LLC, which provides video production services, and Training Director for

Bob is also president of IAQ Technologies, Inc., a Syracuse, NY-based indoor environmental and building performance firm offering consulting, mitigation and training services to a variety of clients throughout the country, founded in 1990.

He has been an internationally recognized indoor environmental consultant and trainer in the IAQ industry for over 29 years. Bob has designed and managed successful indoor environmental projects for commercial, educational and healthcare facilities throughout the U.S., and conducted hundreds of IAQ investigations.

Bob is a nationally known speaker and presenter on indoor environmental topics. He has been featured at numerous industry conferences, appeared on national television, and is widely published in trade journals and conference proceedings.

Bob currently moderates the LinkedIn discussion group, "Healthy Indoors", which is an open forum for anyone interested improving their indoor environments.


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