Project Initiation Notice

Following is a new standard action proposed by BPI. An announcement regarding this proposed action appears in the April 7th edition of ANSI Standards Action. To view the announcement in Standards Action, visit Current Standards Action Issues.

Directly and materially affected interests wishing to receive more information or to submit comments are requested to contact directly within 30 days of the publication of this announcement.

Building Performance Institute announces its intention to make a revision to ANSI/BPI-1200-S-2015 Standard Practice for Basic Analysis of Buildings.

Scope Summary: This standard defines the minimum criteria for conducting building-science-based inspections and diagnostic testing of existing detached single-family dwellings and townhouses that meet certain criteria. The building evaluation will address energy usage, and limited aspects of building durability and occupant health and safety. This standard parallels ANSI/BPI-1100-T-2014 Home Energy Auditing Standard and provides specific procedures regarding how to meet the requirements detailed in BPI-1100-T.

Project need: Modification of manometer specification

Stakeholders: Manufacturers of materials and equipment, service providers, contractors and energy efficiency agencies concerned with home performance retrofit of existing buildings.

Standards Under Review

BPI's Standards Technical Committees are considering feedback, provided during a public review period, on the following standard. To download and review this standard, please click on the title below.

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