HVAC is the Heart of Home Performance

HVAC is the heart of home performance

The HVAC market is a highly competitive, low-bid-gets-the-job world. But what if you could step into a world with a wider view? Whole-home performance means using your building science knowledge and HVAC skills to find problems in interrelated components throughout the whole home, and making sure that all of them are operating at optimal levels.

Energy efficiency incentive programs around the country focus on whole-house solutions to home performance problems. BPI credentials are specified in over 130 such programs, including state Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® programs and many utility programs.

Right now there’s a shortage of HVAC contractors skilled in the whole-house approach, that hold the necessary BPI personnel certifications and company accreditations needed to tackle whole-house projects.

Learn about the different designations available in our national credentialing program.
The BSP certificate is the first step into home performance for contractors and your staff and salespeople - anyone who advises homeowners on home improvements. Earn the BSP certificate by passing a 100-question online exam. Hands-on field training and testing are not required, although our companion Reference Guide will help you gain the knowledge you need to prepare for the exam.
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