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If you are a community college, university, training institute or testing provider you already have much of the infrastructure you need to succeed as a BPI Test Center.

BPI Test Centers provide proctors, facilities and equipment and submit exam results to BPI. Testing options include classroom, online, laboratory and field.

Independent training organizations provide candidates with a foundation in building science, and prepare them for BPI written and field exams.

BPI Test Centers work with training organizations to uphold values of consistency, fairness and impartiality to ensure a qualified home performance workforce.

Find out if you have the subject-matter expertise to teach home performance diagnostics and improvements.
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When you are a hub for information, people gravitate toward you. That’s the nice thing about being a BPI Test Center and Proctor.

- Brian Kumer, Thermal Imaging, Peoria, IL

I have been both a proctor and a trainer at a BPI Test Center and found that you gain credibility simply by being a part of a BPI training organization. Because I am seen as someone who knows specific subject matter, I’ve been invited to discuss standards and incentives on a local and statewide basis.

- Amanda Hatherly, Santa Fe Community College, Santa Fe, NM

As a BPI Test Center, Minnick’s has established itself as a knowledgeable source of home performance information for people in the area.

- Rob Minnick, Minnick’s Training Center, Laurel, MD