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BPI for Veterans

BPI for Veterans

Thank you for serving our country! Please consider using your experience for a rewarding career in the home performance industry. Along with your diverse and adaptable capabilities, your commitment to keeping families safe at home will translate to helping advance energy efficiency, health, and comfort literally at home. 

How many veterans are working in energy efficiency today? About 247,000! This number includes Marc Pedroni who holds 5 BPI certifications. Read more about veterans working in energy efficiency on E4TheFuture's blog

Why Get BPI Certified?

  • Exam Fee Reimbursement and Scholarships: Veterans can get reimbursed for BPI certification test fees through the GI bill or apply for a scholarship to cover the costs of training and testing. Veterans are also eligible to apply for BPI's Jon Siemen Memorial Scholarship, which covers the cost of applicable online and field exams to obtain a BPI certification.
  • Portable Certifications: Home performance contracting companies recognize BPI certifications across the country. 
  • Career Growth: The industry is growing to meet the demand from 300 million people in 130 million existing homes. (Read this blog and consider joining the many other veterans working in the energy efficiency industry.)
  • BPI Community: The energy efficiency industry enjoys active support from companies to local community organizations to state and federal programs. 

Steps to Get VA Reimbursement for BPI Exam Fees

If eligible, you can get your BPI exam fees reimbursed by the the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). A veteran must apply within one (1) year of their exam date.

  1. Determine if your BPI exam qualifies for the reimbursement. These BPI exams are pre-approved for reimbursement:
  2. Establish Your VA Benefits Eligibility: Are you qualified with any one (1) of these six (6) VA programs? (If yes, please skip to Step 3.)
    Need to find a VA benefit program? If you have not been approved for a VA benefit program, click here for VA form 22-1990. 
  3. Complete a VA Application for Reimbursement of Certification Test Fees (VA form 22-0803) to your regional processing office
    If you have questions on the application, please call: 1-888-GI-BILL-1 (1-888-442-4551). 

Need help? Contact the VA Benefits office here, call us at 877 274-1274 x 127 or email us.

Getting training prior to a BPI exam? If you pursue training with a BPI Test Center, or another independent organization, you may also qualify for its reimbursement under the GI bill. Ask your BPI Test Center, or the training organization, if they are pre-approved by the VA. Then, contact your local VA office for a training reimbursement application.