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Recruitment Tools

Get the students or employees you need!

The Recruitment Toolkit is an easy-to-use document filled with recruitment messages, graphics, and strategies to get the students and the workers you need. Informed by experts, experienced contractors, and educators, this toolkit will save you time and money while increasing your success.

Download the Recruitment Toolkit to take your recruitment capacity to the next level!

Recruitment Tool Gallery

Using the learnings outlined in the toolkit, we've developed a full suite of marketing templates. Seven themes discovered in our research will help you share the information career seekers want to know.


Here you will find posts for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Download and customize with your organization details!

It's hard to find accurate imagery of energy efficiency, heat pumps/HVAC and home performance work in commercial stock photo sources. It's even harder to find accurate images that include young people from diverse communities!

To bridge that gap, we commissioned a photo shoot of real workers and made the images available for free. Download high quality marketing images here!

For posters and flyers, use Print. For images to embed in emails and websites, and in PowerPoint and video call backgrounds, select Presentations.

Use these testimonials from real workers to help your audiences understand why a career in home performance and heat pumps might be the right move.