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BPI Test Centers

What are BPI Test Centers?

BPI Test Centers offer BPI online and field exams and then submit the exam results to BPI. BPI Test Centers provide their own proctors, facilities, and equipment.

Community colleges, universities, training institutes, and testing providers already have much of the infrastructure needed to be BPI Test Centers. BPI Test Centers uphold values of consistency, fairness, and impartiality in training and testing to ensure a qualified home performance workforce.

Benefits of Becoming a BPI Test Center

For BPI Test Centers Regarding U.S. Veterans

Veterans can get reimbursed for some BPI exams and training under the GI bill. Any BPI Test Centers that offer training must get pre-approved by your local Veterans Affairs (VA) office for a veteran to get reimbursed for training. Once approved, please provide an itemized receipt to the participating veteran; s/he will need to submit receipts to the VA. Have questions? Please contact BPI Client Relations at or (877) 274-1274 x 127.

Apply to be a BPI Test Center