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New to BPI

What is BPI? Why Should I Get Involved?

BPI Certified Professionals solve home and building owners’ trickiest problems. BPI offers certifications, standards, and programs (BPI GoldStar Contractor, Rater, and Product Listing). BPI helps you develop your professional proficiencies and shape, or nurture, your career. For business owners, BPI enhances your offerings to meet the real needs of homeowners. BPI is the source for certified contractors working on home energy efficiency, comfort, durability, health, and safety.

What is Home Performance?

Home performance is taking an integrated approach to how the home’s or building’s systems can work together to provide the most comfortable and efficient living space (ENERGY STAR, 2017).

What If I Am Brand New to This Industry? Where Do I Start?

Great! Welcome to one of the best industries you could join today. First, please check out this site to learn about what BPI offers. Then, we would suggest considering the Building Science Principles (BSP) certificate. The BSP will give you the baseline knowledge you need to pursue a BPI certification.

What If I Already Have Some Home/Building Knowledge and Experience?

We would recommend one of our Primary or Core certifications. For example, the Building Analyst is BPI’s most popular certification. It is best suited for those who are serious about wanting to do home energy audits and become “building scientists.” From there, the BPI world is your oyster; you have many other BPI certifications from which to choose!

Who Gets BPI Certifications?

  • Building scientists
  • Building trainers
  • Energy auditors
  • Green building professionals
  • Home contractors
  • HVAC specialists
  • Weatherization (WAP) contractors
  • And many others!

What Makes BPI Certified Professionals Different from Other Contractors?

Through our standards, BPI sets the bar for home performance contractors. BPI Certified Professionals have the following in common:

  • They have home health, safety, durability, energy efficiency, and comfort always in the forefront of their minds, and their work.
  • They maintain their certifications by getting continuing education. Few other types of contractors have this requirement.
  • They are the best in the business and they know it. That’s why BPI Certified Professionals, and BPI GoldStar Contractors (companies), hire other BPI Certified Professionals.

What Will Be My Return on Investment (ROI)?

Career Advancement and Employment: Professionals who get BPI certified are committed to the home performance industry. They invest in themselves, and in others, with BPI certifications.

In a Fall 2016 survey*, professionals in the home performance and home energy sectors highly rated BPI for brand familiarity, career advancement, and value.


chart 1
chart 2
Working In BPI
Related Field
chart 3
BPI "Extremely Valuable"
To Their Business
chart 4
Career Enhanced By
BPI Certification
  • 8.1 = High Constituent Value on a scale of 1-10.
    of 1278 industry professionals surveyed (all survey respondents)
  • 96% of respondents indicated they were working a field related to their BPI certification.
    of 550 BPI Certified Professionals surveyed

  • 72% of individuals associated with BPI said the organization was extremely valuable for their business.
    of 587 BPI Certified Professionals and BPI GoldStar Contractors surveyed
  • 84% of BPI Certified Professionals surveyed cited that their BPI certification had enhanced their careers.
    of 550 BPI Certified Professionals surveyed
  • 37% had hired a BPI Certified Professional in the past year.
    of 587 BPI Certified Professionals and BPI GoldStar Contractors surveyed

*E4TheFuture funded this industry survey, which was conducted by a third party, Arcadia Consulting, in Fall 2016.

Ready to Get Started?

Check out this website to learn about the Building Science Principles (BSP) certificate and BPI certifications.

Have a question while browsing our website? Check out our our Frequently Asked Questions, message us on Facebook, tweet us, email us, or call us at (518) 899-2727.