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Why We Do What We Do - The Human Side of Business

Tuesday, July 30, 2024

This webinar will focus on Edward L. Deci’s book Why We Do What We Do. Deci’s book will be supported with ideas from other books, articles, and research.
Instead of asking, “How can I motivate my people?” we should ask, “How can I create conditions where people will motivate themselves?” We should ask whether their behavior is autonomous or controlled.
To be autonomous means to act in accord with oneself, to be free and in charge of one’s actions. But to be controlled means to act out of pressure or fear of consequence. People do their best work when they feel autonomous, not controlled!
Empower your team with understanding and autonomy. If you want to offer quality products and services for your customers and enjoy more harmony in the workplace, do not miss this webinar!
You might want to purchase the book ahead of time to prepare. You will not be disappointed!
Learning Objectives:
1. Gain an understanding of self-motivation
2. Learn how to promote autonomy to encourage quality work
3. Learn how to get the healthy, responsible workplace behavior you want 

3 pm Eastern, 12 pm Pacific

Free to BPI GoldStar Contractors and BPI Test Centers. $50 fee for all others


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