Tuesday, November 24, 2020 3PM EDT/12PM PDT

We have learned that attracting, developing, and retaining superior employees is not just important, it is essential, and culture trumps everything. Second to our people, tools in the hands of skilled leadership can result in products and services that are superior and excel beyond our wildest dreams. Being technical folks, we know having inadequate and less than robust tools in our hands only bring frustration, disappointment, and reduced production. Quality tools have a united objective, IMPROVEMENT. I hope to share with you in a three-part series, Tools of the Quality Management Trade.

Training and development (T&D) isn’t just important to any company, it is vital. Many employers in the current climate find T&D opportunities expensive. I have heard statements that align with this “I can’t afford to train someone only to lose them to my competitor once trained.”  Better yet, I ask, can we afford them if they stay untrained? The return on investment from T&D of employees is really a no brainer. Training produces a positive change in the functioning of any company. We will discuss and you will receive proven T&D tools.

Learning Objectives:

• Learn why T&D is a corner stone to our success
• Learn the most successful tools to use for new and existing employees
• Learn what proven tools will improve our T&D efforts


John Tooley is an award-winning Home Performance and Energy Efficiency Expert who has been involved in the building science world for 40 years. He has been honored with some of the most coveted awards in our industry receiving the EEBA Joule Award for Excellence in Advancing Energy Efficiency in 2006 and being inducted into the Building Performance Institute's Hall of Fame for lifetime commitment and dedication to the Home Performance Industry. He was the 2013 recipient of the Tony Woods Award for Excellence in Advancing the Home Performance Industry.

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