Tuesday, November 29, 2022 3PM EST/12PM PST

                                                       Presenter Tom Grandy and a successful contractor

The single highest cost of doing business within a company is non-billable time.  This is time the field labor tech is paid for, but that cannot be charged to the customer. 

During this session we will look at the real cost of non-billable time and how to build it into the company’s pricing.  Just as importantly, we will look at specific strategies to reduce non-billable time and increase the company’s net profit. 

Non-billable time can’t be eliminated, but it CAN be reduced and accounted for.

Specific Learning Objectives:

Attendees will learn to calculate the true cost of non-billable time.  Once the cost is captured several ways of reducing the cost will be discussed.

Session Outline:

This is not a theory session.  We will discuss multiple ways to reduce the high cost of non-billable time that can be put into practice the next day.

Presented by Tom Grandy Founder and President of Grandy & Associates

Tom Grandy is an industrial engineer by training, has worked as the general manager of a service company, and was previously the Director of Company Development for Dial One franchise. Tom founded Grandy & Associates in 1987. For the past 34+ years his vision has been to "Teach contractors how to run profitable businesses." Grandy & Associates accomplishes its vision through nine (9) full-day seminar/workshops, online training, a two-day "Planning for Profit" workshop and the industry’s leading "Labor Pricing for a Profit" modeling software.  Tom also spends a huge amount of his time performing two-day, onsite, Company Overviews to model companies for maximum profitability.  He also writes articles for a number of trade journals.

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