Tuesday, April 04, 2023 3PM ET/12PM PT

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Due to extreme weather in the upstate New York region this event has been rescheduled for April 4th. Please join us!


You can be the catalyst that motivates your teams to heightened productivity.

When a team member is out of sync with your company values it can slow the whole team down. In this session we will talk about how to manage and direct difficult people, how to adjust your leadership style to each situation, how resolve conflict and turn difficult people into team players.

If you need to win the cooperation and trust of critical team members, this session is for you. You'll leave with the most effective methods for dealing with difficult people, winning cooperation and trust, and ensuring that your people’s values and your organization’s goals are in sync.

Learning Objectives
In this session you will learn to:
• Win cooperation and trust from your team
• Motivate and direct the people you rely on
• Delegate effectively
• Turn difficult people and poor performers into team players

Together we will explore important topics, key questions, and learn we all need to improve our team's performance!


Chris DeVany is the founder and president of Pinnacle Performance Improvement Worldwide, a firm which focuses on management and organization development. Pinnacle’s clients include government agencies from the United States, the Royal Government of Saudi Arabia, Canada, Cayman Islands, global organizations such as Visa International, Cadence Design Systems, Coca Cola, Sprint, Microsoft, Aviva Insurance, Schlumberger and over 500 other organizations in 22 countries. His book 90 Days to a High-Performance Team, published by McGraw Hill, is helping thousands of executives, managers and team leaders improve performance.

Chris has assisted in mergers and acquisitions, developing project management, sales, customer service and marketing strategies, organizing inbound and outbound call center programs, training and development of management and new hires, and fostering corporate growth through creative change and innovation initiatives.


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