Tuesday, September 21, 2021 3PM EDT/12PM PDT

Whether you are a private contractor or a weatherization agency, call-backs, inefficient business processes, and employee turnover affect your bottom line. Every call-back, time wasted because of inefficient operations, and the cost to train a new employee divert resources better used to increase production and generate revenue. Of all the investments you can make in your organization, the investment in creating a culture and system of quality will pay the greatest dividend over the long haul. We will look at the real cost of call-backs and operational inefficiencies in your business and present techniques and activities you can use to uncover and reduce these sometimes hidden costs. We will also address the critical importance of creating a culture of quality in your organization. This will be an inter-active session which will challenge you with exercises and activities designed to engage you in the process of improving your organization’s commitment to Quality.

By attending and participating in this webinar, attendees will learn:

1. How to analyze their business in order to uncover defects and inefficiencies in their business operations.

2. Techniques for discovering the root causes of call-backs and inefficiencies in their business operations.

3. The importance of a culture of Quality in preventing future profit-killing problems in their business

Presentation by Dick Kornbluth.

Dick Kornbluth has been a residential retrofit home insulation and home performance contractor since 1977. In 1992, he wrote the training manual and delivered the training for a performance-based low-income utility-sponsored weatherization program that incorporated combustion health and safety testing, air-sealing and blower-door testing to measure performance. His company, EnTherm Inc, was the first company recruited into NYSERDA's Home Performance with Energy Star™ program. Since leaving GreenHomes America in 2010, he has been active conducting training in home performance for PGW and CSG. He is also a nationally certified radon mitigation contractor and has been mitigating radon problems in Central New York building since 1987.

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