(Malta, NY) May 9, 2017 - The Building Performance Institute, Inc. (BPI) has recognized three new products in its Product Listing Program that meet, or exceed, industry standards.

In the attic access barrier category, Southeast Energy Solutions, Inc. has had three of their insulating and air sealing jackets listed. The SES Knee Wall Jacket, SES Pulldown Ladder Jacket, and SES Scuttle Hole Cover are reflective foam insulation products that air seal and insulate either a knee wall/cubby hole area, attic hatch, or pulldown ladder leading in to the attic from the conditioned space of the house. These products can create a thermal value of up to R-58 thermal value, which will satisfy all climate zone requirements.

To be featured on BPI's approved Product List, products must meet the appropriate industry standard or efficacy requirement that BPI identifies. Once the product is tested, reviewed and approved, the product's manufacturer is eligible to place the BPI Listed Product logo on its packaging and marketing materials.

The benefits for manufacturers of having their products listed include: differentiation of higher quality materials; identification as a leader in the home performance industry; and direct connection of consumers and contractors to the manufacturer's website.

The BPI Product Listing currently has 29 products from seven different categories.

To view the full BPI Product Listing, visit bpi.org/product-listing. To learn more about the steps to have products listed, visit bpi.org/product-listing/how-it-works.