The Building Performance Institute (BPI) will be presenting a pre-conference training workshop for those interested in earning the Healthy Housing Principles (HHP) professional certificate. The HHP provides an overview of the factors in a home that can negatively affect health, fundamentals of what makes for a healthier living environment and the related terminology. Included in the training is the HHP Reference Guide and a code that can be used to take the BPI online exam to earn the new Healthy Housing Principles professional certificate.

The training is open to all with a steep discount offered to those who are also attending the Conference on Health, Energy, and the Environment. The workshop trainers include, Kevin Kennedy of Children’s Mercy Hospital of Kansas City; Joe Medosch of Hayward Healthy Home Score; and Rick Hall of Building Science Professional Training LLC.

For more information about BPI, please visit here. To learn more about the conference and to register for the workshop, and/or the conference, please click here.