(Malta, NY) February 13, 2017 - The Building Performance Institute, Inc. (BPI) has recognized three new products in its Product Listing Program that meet or exceed industry standards.

In the plug load management category, Embertec listed three of their highly efficient power strips, the utilities' choice for all types of direct install programs. Specifically listed are the Emberstrip AV+ and the Emberstrip 8AV+ Classic, the only T2 APS on the market proven through independent utility field trials to deliver a 50% Energy Reduction for Audio Visual equipment. These two products also deliver superior surge protection (1,530j), a $20,000 connected warranty, lifetime product warranty, and 15 Amp circuit breaker.

The third product listed is the Emberstrip 8AV+ Bluetooth, with the same great proven design and certifications as other Embertec models (EBUSAV-ET-09 and ESUSAV8-ET-10) but with the added benefit of Bluetooth connectivity to the app-based Emberexchange®. It provides the end user with more features and benefits, gives contractor/installers real time installation tools, and offers utilities the ability to review real time program performance, retention rates, raw power averages, and calculated energy savings.

To be featured on BPI's approved Product List on its website, products must meet the appropriate industry standard or efficacy requirement that BPI identifies. Once the product is tested, reviewed and approved, the product's manufacturer is eligible to place the BPI Listed Product logo on its packaging and marketing materials. The benefits of being included on the Product Listing website include differentiation of higher quality materials, identification as a leader in the home performance industry and direct connection of consumers and contractors to the manufacturer's website.

There are currently 26 products from six different categories approved and listed on the BPI Product Listing page.

To view the full BPI Product Listing, visit bpi.org/productlisting. To learn more about the steps to have products listed, visit bpi.org/product-listing/how-it-works.