Energy Auditor and Quality Control Inspector Exams to be Updated

Saratoga Springs, NY:  Building Performance Institute, Inc (BPI) is looking for Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to assist in updating the Energy Auditor (EA) and Quality Control Inspector (QCI) exams. All SMEs will earn up to six BPI continuing education units (CEUs) for their participation.

The certifications slated for exam updates are currently defined as:

• Energy Auditor - An energy auditor is an experienced professional who evaluates the potential health and safety issues, durability, comfort, and energy use of a residential building. The energy auditor conducts advanced diagnostic tests, gathers and analyzes data, and creates energy models to draw conclusions and make recommendations for improvements.
• Quality Control Inspector - is a residential energy efficiency expert who reviews, inspects, and verifies the appropriateness, quality, and completion of energy retrofit work by conducting site visits, performing diagnostic testing, and evaluating work practices and documentation to improve the indoor environment, safety, durability, comfort, and energy efficiency of the building for the client.

Interest Categories

The following interest categories of SME representation are needed:

• Industry – A member of the home performance or weatherization industry who is involved with production, assembling and/or distribution, or sells materials, products, systems, or services covered in the scope of the certification.
• Trainer - Individuals involved in the training of weatherization and home performance workers.
• User – This category may include, but is not limited to, auditors, estimators, coordinators, quality control inspectors, installers, contractors, or other members of the industry who purchase, use, or specify materials, products, systems, or services covered in the scope of the certification.
• General Interest – General Interest SMEs are neither Industry nor User SMEs. This category may include personnel from state or federal regulatory agencies, health/safety professionals, researchers, or personnel from trade associations or other organizations.


Previous experience in working groups/committees is not required. This committee seeks to include professionals from all stages of their careers, to review and improve upon the current certification exam(s) as needed; ensuring the appropriate knowledge level and equity of the questions, among other aspects.

Candidates should have the following qualifications:

• Have knowledge and experience directly related to the relevant certification scheme
• Be free from any competing interest to ensure impartiality and non-discriminatory judgment. (Candidates must agree to sign and abide by the BPI Code of Ethics & Conduct which includes a confidentiality, conflict of interest, and non-disclosure agreement)


Responsibilities of the SMEs include:
• Item writing (develop new test questions and revise existing questions)
• Review psychometric data on questions and eliminate bad questions
• Review how the tests are being performed (written & field)
• Update the field exam guide for alignment with the current JTA (EA only)
• Agree to sign and abide by the BPI Code of Ethics & Conduct which includes a confidentiality, conflict of interest, and non-disclosure agreement
• Expect to travel for an in-person item writing meeting, February 27-29, 2024.  Location to be determined.  A second in-person meeting, involving travel, may be scheduled.  Date and location to be determined.  SMEs will be reimbursed for travel costs (at reasonable rates).

How to Apply

If you are interested in participating in the update of the Energy Auditor (EA) and Quality Control Inspector (QCI) certification exams, please complete the online Subject Matter Expert Application by December 15, 2023.

Please specify the certification exam(s) in which you are interested.  If you are a subject matter expert in more than one of the defined areas, please check all that apply. 

BPI is committed to fostering, cultivating, and preserving a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion to serve all communities. BPI strives to utilize the life experiences, knowledge, and talent of our Subject Matter Experts to review and update the Energy Auditor and Quality Control Inspector exams.

Please contact Meghan McCormick with questions at


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