The Building Performance Institute (BPI) has changed the name of one of its certifications. The former "Residential Building Envelope - Whole House Air Leakage Control Installer" (RBE-WHALCI) certification will now be known as the "Air Leakage Control Installer" (ALC). BPI changed the certification name to improve the certification's branding and to enable homeowners to better understand what services these specialist contractors provide.

The Air Leakage Control Installer certification further develops home contractors' professional skills and positions them to be able to take advantage of the new International Energy Conservation Code® (IECC) requirements; thirty-nine (39) states now require blower door tests and duct leakage testing for meeting code.

BPI developed the certification in 2010. There are 668 Air Leakage Controller Installers actively certified nationwide by BPI.

The Air Leakage Control Installer certification tests residential contractors on the skills necessary to reduce energy loss from air leakage and improve indoor air quality through the proper installation of insulation. For more information on the Air Leakage Control Installer certification, please visit

BPI will officially use the Air Leakage Control certification name as of January 1, 2018 on all documentation and digitally.