Training programs help create a highly skilled workforce.

Too often, untrained contractors and well-intentioned homeowners inadvertently make problems worse – or create new ones – when trying to improve home performance. Problems arise, such as mold, moisture, ice damming, poor indoor air quality, uncontrolled air leakage and even combustion appliance back-drafting.

BPI recognized training is based on building science and the house-as-a-system concept. Students learn the importance of conducting comprehensive whole-home assessments that go beyond a traditional energy audit to locate performance problems at the root source and fix them right – the first time.

Individuals who have taken BPI training are better prepared to take examinations for BPI certified professional credentials, knowing they can properly diagnose and correct home performance problems. Accredited companies that employ them know they will experience fewer call backs and enjoy an increased rate of referrals from satisfied customers. Homeowners can trust that their energy bills will be reduced, while their family’s comfort, health and safety are enhanced.

BPI’s educational programs are taught by a coast-to-coast network of experts. Both classroom theory and hands-on field training are provided by our fast-growing team of training affiliate organizations, including private companies, community colleges and local not-for-profit agencies. These highly qualified experts have proven that they are capable of teaching students the knowledge and skills they need – not just to pass the exams, but to perform the quality work required to make a real difference in America’s homes.

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