BPI News


  • BPI's October edition of its e-newsletter offers news and updates for BPI Test Centers, Proctors, BPI GoldStar Contractors, and BPI Certified Professionals, as well as a spotlight on a BPI Building Analyst who won the Department of Energy's Century Club Award.
  • BPI's September edition of its e-newsletter includes timely post-disaster resources for BPI Certified Professionals, information on scholarship and rebate programs, and updates from BPI's marketing department on lead generation websites and response to the changing of the name RBE-WHALCI to Air Leakage Control Installer.
  • BPI's August edition of its Performance Matters e-Newsletter is chocked full of industry and BPI-related news, tips on how to transition from a technician to management role, and a stubborn unsolved Stump the Chump.