BPI News


  • BPI's March 2019 edition of its newsletter includes: A Spero update; information on receiving a free subscription to Healthy Indoors Magazine; a link to an article on a pilot program that improves the quality of life for asthma and COPD patients; the Blue Collar to Green Collar Jobs Act; links to national energy efficiency jobs; the resolution to the last Stump the Chump; and more.
  • BPI's Fall edition of its newsletter includes how internet searching works; information on the Jon Siemen scholarship and on the BPI Perks program; links to the E4 webinar on national energy efficiency jobs; a product spotlight on the Retrotec DM32 WiFi Digital Pressure Gauge; a new Stump the Chump; and more.
  • BPI's September edition of its newsletter includes tips and information on why using video marketing can help you sell more jobs; a reminder to schedule your QCI and EA pilot exams prior to September 30, 2018 to participate; a report on the 2.25 million energy efficiency jobs in America; and more.