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  • BPI's September edition of its newsletter includes tips and information on why using video marketing can help you sell more jobs; a reminder to schedule your QCI and EA pilot exams prior to September 30, 2018 to participate; a report on the 2.25 million energy efficiency jobs in America; and more.
  • BPI's August edition of its newsletter includes information on the Jon Siemen Memorial Scholarship for 2019 recipients; why you should have a company Twitter and its benefits; a feature by a BPI Building Analyst on his Miles Per Gallon sales technique for pitching energy efficiency improvements; and more.
  • BPI's July edition of its newsletter digs in to how contracting companies can grow sales by hiring more women, information on the QCI and EA pilot exam period and how to apply, a BPI Product Listing spotlight on Southeast Energy Solutions' attic and crawl space insulation products, and a head scratcher of a stumper on a mysteriously cold kitchen.


  • Tuesday, September 25, 2018
    3PM EDT/12PM PDT

    Contractors who can estimate more quickly can often sell the job for more money. Faster estimating begins with a streamlined system of pricing. In this webinar, Mike Gorman will show you how to create a list of job-related activities for your company.

  • Tuesday, October 23, 2018
    3PM EDT/12PM PDT

    Several consultants I've worked with point to pricing mistakes as one of the single biggest business killers in contracting businesses. In this webinar, we will discuss methods to establish fair pricing, correct errors, and ensure pricing accountability across the company.

  • Thursday, November 15, 2018
    3PM EDT/12PM PDT

    Do your prospects and clients see you as a wizard who can get the job done efficiently and on time? If not, Mike Gorman proposes a solution in this webinar. Because wizards make more money.