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  • BPI's June edition of its newsletter includes information, such as an elevator pitch for BPI Certified Professionals, how and where to find and update your accounts, what's happening for HUD's National Healthy Homes Month, and more.
  • BPI's May edition of its newsletter includes tips for contractors to help their customers through the upcoming hurricane season, important BPI company updates and reminders, a summary and highlights from HPC National in Philadelphia, upcoming conference attendance schedule, and more.
  • BPI's April edition of its newsletter includes an update on BPI Certified Professionals' participation in the #FacesofEE campaign; a save the date and registration for the upcoming BPI Test Center and Proctor call; a product highlight from BPI's Product Listing; and a stumper on high carbon monoxide levels.


  • Tuesday, July 17, 2018
    3PM EDT/12PM PDT

    Every company needs a plumb line to evaluate their culture and quality development. In this webinar, we will discuss this disciplined approach to evaluating our progress toward strategic results, as well as reviewing our underlying culture and strategy itself.

  • Tuesday, July 24, 2018
    3PM EDT/12PM PDT

    Is there a greater challenge than working on the front lines of an organization and dealing one on one with customers daily? Much hinges on this critical role - from building strong customer relationships, to uncovering their ongoing needs, establishing loyalty, and even continued sales growth.

  • Tuesday, August 7, 2018
    3PM EDT/12PM PDT

    In the unique world of in-home selling, you are not calling on a business where, since the decision makers are at work, they are expected to make business and financial decisions. You are entering your customers personal and private space, where decision making can be more fluid and different rules apply.