Build on Your Achievements in U.S. Defense.

Skills and experience obtained in defense services are valued in the home performance industry. Employers are looking for adaptable technical skills, teamwork, and commitment to quality.

BPI professional certification offers benefits valued by veterans:

  1. Portable Credentials – certifications are nationally recognized by employers
  2. Secure Future – The industry is growing to meet demand from 300 million people in 130 million homes that need to improve energy efficiency
  3. Industry Network – a committed alliance of organizations from training through employment is working for you
  4. Community – the energy efficiency industry enjoys active support from local community organizations and state and federal programs

The home performance industry career ladder offers entry points that reflect a broad range of education and experience.

Home performance specialists apply building science to increase comfort and safety and save energy. BPI professionals work in career sectors including remodeling, insulation, heating and cooling, utility programs, and construction.

Find out which BPI certification is right for you.

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