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What is the BPI GoldStar Contractor program?

The BPI GoldStar Contractor program is a contractor of excellence program focused on strengthening contractors’ internal quality control processes to improve customer services, reduce waste and invest in systems that result in greater profits and customer loyalty.

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Does the program replace BPI’s Accredited Contracting Company program?

Yes. All current BPI Accredited Contracting Companies meet the new qualifying criteria and will automatically be grandfathered into the new BPI GoldStar Contractor program. You will be provided with new logos and other branding collateral.

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How is the BPI GoldStar Contractor program different from the old BPI Accredited Contractor program?

The new program focuses on developing quality control systems and continuous process improvement of contractors to drive front-end quality, rather than catching poor performance after work is done through QA inspections.

The program introduces a 3-tiered system that recognizes and rewards contractors’ quality management achievements. BPI provides discounts on certifications and other incentives to encourage contractors to progress to the next tier.

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How does the tiered system work?

The tier structure is a behind the scenes approach to work with contractors as you enhance your business and quality management processes, and is not visible to the general market.

When your company applies to the program, you will be asked to complete a company assessment survey to determine your company’s training and mentoring needs. Based on the survey’s results, BPI staff will work with you to develop a skills enhancement plan that determines which tier your company is placed in.

Tier I (standard) Tier II (advanced) Tier III (master)

Throughout the program BPI provides a business-to-business mentoring network, free training webinars and information resources, and partially subsidized training by industry experts in QMS systems, marketing and business development.

As companies develop skills and advance to the next tier, you receive additional benefits, including discounts on BPI certifications and renewal fees, and discounts to industry conferences and other products and services.

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What are the program fees?

Because the new program does not require BPI to pay for the services of third party QA providers, BPI is able to pass this cost savings on to program members. BPI has reduced our fees from our previous BPI accredited contractor program – from $1,500 to $1,200 per year.

Contractors requesting or requiring third party QA inspections (for example, if you participate in government, utility or tax credit programs that require QA oversight) will pay additional QA fees on a fee per service basis. Contractors requesting additional training consulting services from BPI’s program partners will pay additional consulting fees directly to program partners.

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How will BPI educate consumers about the value of BPI GoldStar Contractors?

This year BPI launched a search engine and display advertising campaign through Google Adwords that has increased traffic to our website by 33 percent. BPI will launch a new website entirely devoted to consumers this summer, educating the public on the importance of whole house home performance upgrades and the exceptional quality of BPI GoldStar Contractors. Our Google Adwords campaign will focus on the BPI GoldStar Contractor brand, driving consumers to the contractor locator tool at

BPI is also forging new relationships with major remodeling and home construction media outlets to raise awareness of BPI credentialed contractors and the benefits of whole house home performance.

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How quickly must BPI Accredited Contractors switch over to the new branding?

BPI understands that changing the BPI logos and terminology on your website, literature, trucks and collateral material takes time. BPI encourages contractors to make the change with all deliberate speed. BPI will be supporting the BPI GoldStar Contractor brand with Google search engine and display advertising, to educate consumers on the exceptional quality of BPI GoldStar Contractors. It benefits you to update the brand on your website and other materials as soon as possible. BPI reserves the right to set a deadline in the future for completion of this task.

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What are the quality management objectives for each tier, and how will BPI verify that a company has met the objectives?

BPI has established the following objectives for each tier:

Tier I Objectives: Demonstrate training attendance and successful completion of a survey test on subject matter below:

  • Effective internal company communications
  • Understanding companywide quality control and identifying defects in workmanship prevention and control
  • Cost of poor quality
  • Dealing with poor quality process improvement
  • Assigning accountability and responsibility
  • Creating loyal employees
  • Creating customer loyalty

Tier II Objectives: Demonstrate training attendance and successful completion of a survey test on subject matter below:

  • Importance of company specifications, standards, policies & procedures, and protocols
  • Developing companywide quality control strategies
  • Applications for calculating the cost of quality control and the true cost of poor quality
  • Identifying the largest cause of defects
  • Concepts and implementation strategies for reducing defects
  • Creating and implementing an effective and efficient QC process
  • Understanding quality assurance; what it does and doesn’t do, and it’s frequency
  • Developing a quality management plan

Tier III Objectives: Demonstrate training attendance and successful completion of a survey test on subject matter below:

  • Implementing a quality management plan
  • Analyzing quality management plan results
  • System of profound knowledge
    • appreciation of the system
    • theory of knowledge
    • understanding variation
    • psychology of change

Tier III contractors are required to demonstrate having a Quality Management Plan on file

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How will BPI conduct QA under the BPI GoldStar Program?

When contractors join the BPI GoldStar Contractor program, you agree to complete home performance work in accordance with BPI standards, where applicable. You verify that you have or will implement a standardized data collection system (paper or electronic) on your jobs, and will use documented sign off forms or checklists on all completed work. You also agree to maintain records of calibration of diagnostic equipment where applicable.

BPI will periodically perform a data review of a random sample of jobs completed. This will be a desk audit of data only, and will not include a field inspection or in-person review at that time. The desk audit will not require an in-office review of job files.

BPI will carry out in-field QA inspections of contractors’ completed work when required by a program, customer or other concerns (see FAQ below for more information). While we expect this action to be rare, contractors will be required to pay additional fees to cover the costs of the QA inspection.

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Will BPI conduct in-field QA inspections?

Under the old BPI Accredited Contractor program, BPI found that our quality assurance (QA) inspection services were frequently redundant to the QA efforts of state and utility efficiency programs.

In-field QA inspections may now be conducted under the following circumstances:

  • The desk audit justifies further review;
  • BPI is contacted by Program Administrators regarding problems related to a contractor’s performance;
  • BPI is contacted by a contractor’s customer regarding problems related to a contractor’s performance.

If an in-field QA inspection is justified upon further review of, but not limited to, one of the occurrences above, BPI will conduct the inspection at additional expense to the contractor.

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Does BPI provide subsidies for training and seminars by industry experts?

Yes. BPI will provide partial subsidies to buy down the fees of industry experts conducting training for business development, quality management, and sales/marketing. This may be classroom or web-based depending on the training. In addition, BPI-hosted webinars will be free to BPI GoldStar Contractors and are expected to occur every other month.

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Will BPI publicize what tier level contractors are at within the BPI GoldStar Contractor program?

No. The tier structure is a behind the scenes approach to working with contractors as they enhance their business and quality management skills. The differences between the tiers would not be easily understood in the consumer marketplace. The benefit to moving up in the tiers lies in financial and other internal incentives.

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