From policy to conferences to best practices and career growth, BPI, and our partners, support home performance professionals.

Efficiency First is the national association for the home performance industry. Efficiency First supports home performance companies by providing an impactful voice in Washington and state capitals, access to webinars and other educational opportunities, discounts on products and services, and networking at the local, state, and national levels. Efficiency First advocates for policies that accelerate the growth of the industry, creating new opportunities for companies and delivering meaningful energy savings to homeowners. Efficiency First has approximately 600 member companies and over 21,000 constituents on their mailing list.

Home Energy Magazine For 33 years, Home Energy has been a trusted source of content for bestpractices on measurably improving home performance, durability, and affordability. As a division of the Home Performance Coalition (HPC), Home Energy plays a vital role in providing the industry with up-to-date information on energy-efficient products and best practices in home performance, comfort, health and affordability. Cutting-edge practitioners, trainers, and consultants in building science and energy efficiency write these articles. Home Energy has a readership of 8,000 for its quarterly print.

Home Performance Coalition (HPC) collaborates with like-minded organizations to ensure all homes are healthy, comfortable, and energy-efficient through projects, policy, publication, online communities, and regional and national events. HPC has over 30 years of experience providing conferences, trainings, and trade shows in partnership with the nation’s leading experts in home performance and weatherization. Researching, writing and presenting on several policy reports each year, HPC advances access to healthy homes. As the umbrella organization of Home Energy Magazine and Home Energy Pros Forum, HPC is able to catalog the great discussions of the past and become the gathering place for information exchanges of tomorrow and beyond. HPC has several funders,
more than 25 sponsors, nearly 100 exhibitors, more than 3,000 attendees and 6,000 forum members that annually support the industry through HPC’s activities.

BPI, Efficiency First, Home Energy magazine and HPC offer bundled benefit packages through its Leaders Advancing Home Performance sponsorships. 
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